Pure elegance. Give your interior a more sophisticated look with these 3D wall tiles. The striking design creates an adventurously intimate mood for both internal and exterior environments. Playful reciprocity between the heights and angles as well as the lights and shadows add a sensation of depth to the wall a facet unavailable for other techniques of wall decoration.

General Material Performance. Residential walls Commercial walls Exteriors
Material Composition
Square Foot Per Tile
Fire Rating
Water Resistant
Volatile Organic Compound
16" x 16" 3/4" Micro Concrete White Paintable 8 lbs. / Tile (4.52 lbs. / sq.ft.) 1.77 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
32" x 32" Micro Concrete White Paintable 36 lbs. / Tile (5.34 lbs. / sq.ft.) 7.11 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
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