Modern and cozy. This sculptural wall tile simulating organic forms is a favorite for endowing a space with tranquility. These modular walls are fully adaptable and congruent with various design concepts. They can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces covering walls partially or in their entirety. As with the other Concrete-Design 3D panels you don’t need to be a professional installer to transform your space into a warm comforting refuge.

General Material Performance. Residential walls Commercial walls Exteriors
Material Composition
Square Foot Per Tile
Fire Rating
Water Resistant
Volatile Organic Compound
16" x 16" 0.62'' Micro Concrete Gray Paintable 7.46 lbs. / Tile (4.21 lbs. / sq.ft.) 1.77 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
32" x 32" 3/4" Micro Concrete Gray Paintable 39 lbs. / Tile (5.48 lbs. / sq.ft.) 7.11 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
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