Decorative wall art. Spark your creativity with an originally breathtaking way to turn walls into a canvas. The interlocking design pattern of this 3D wall panel is a stirring testament to modern design. Each indoor and outdoor wall decoration will acquire its own constantly morphing personality changing with the passing hours according to the volume of its textures. The level of shadow cast by the sculptural wall panels is determined by the time of day and the amount of light received. This sensation is unique and unavailable for other techniques of wall decoration.

General Material Performance. Residential walls Commercial walls Exteriors
Material Composition
Square Foot Per Tile
Fire Rating
Water Resistant
Volatile Organic Compound
16" x 16" 0.62'' Micro Concrete Gray Paintable 7.57 lbs. / Tile (4.27 lbs. / sq.ft.) 1.77 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
32" x 32" 3/4" Micro Concrete Gray Paintable 39 lbs. / Tile (5.48 lbs. / sq.ft.) 7.11 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
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