Balanced body and mind. Discover the hidden potential of your outdoor and indoor interior design and find equilibrium within them. Enjoy the dynamic design of this 3D tile and its capacity to bring the perfect balance that fits your space and your life. The Concrete-Design textured panels are simple to install; they include a few basic steps and don’t require professional help.

General Material Performance. Residential walls Commercial walls Exteriors
Material Composition
Square Foot Per Tile
Fire Rating
Water Resistant
Volatile Organic Compound
16" x 16" 13/16" Micro Concrete White Paintable 8 lbs. / Tile (4.5 lbs. / sq.ft.) 1.77 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
32" x 32" 15/16" Micro Concrete White Paintable 38 lbs. / Tile (5.34 lbs. / sq.ft.) 7.11 / Tile Class A Yes 0 Rating
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