New 3d Sculptural Wall Tile Collection And Mobile Responsive Website

High-Performance Gypsum 3D Panels and Concrete Tiles, Revolutionary Thin Cement Surfaces and Copper Penny Tiles Highlight the Company’s Core Dimensional Tile Offering for 2016

Textural Designs is an innovative design company specializing in the manufacturing of sculptural 3D wall panels for indoor and outdoor environments. Our new collection spans a range of dimensional surfaces from gypsum, to concrete to copper.
The 2016 collection, includes a variety of eco-friendly, fire retardant materials while embodying design trends from Mediterranean freshness to industrial modernism.

New Website
Coinciding with the new product launch, we also decided to roll out a new mobile responsive website that adapts to desktop, mobile and tablet views. The website features informative product imagery and information, the ability to select and print “favorite products”, product installation tips, FAQs, company information and a forthcoming blog.

“All of us a Textural Designs are extremely pleased with both our new product line and our new, mobile responsive website,” said Anand Patel, Textural Designs’ CEO. “Our expanded product line will give designers and home owners alike a broad spectrum of options to create dramatic, seamless sculptural walls and flooring. Our new website, meanwhile, offers a platform for them to make more informed purchase decisions, and to receive important installation advice across a broad spectrum of devices.”

Product Line At A Glance
High-Performance Gypsum – One of the oldest construction materials used by man, Textural Designs Gypsum tiles feature outstanding physical and aesthetic qualities to create optimal 3D panels for interior wall decorations.

High-Performance Concrete (HPC) – A proprietary concrete composition of exceptional durability, HPC tiles add texture, richness and dimension to interiors such as walls and surface coverings. The tiles are a favorite material of architects and designers who seek exquisite ways to coat walls.

Ultra High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) – Comprised of a variety of textures, but with smooth surfaces gentle to the touch, UHPC panels combine congruent ways to produce harmonious and contemporary spaces, making them ideal for rejuvenating the face of indoor and outdoor environments.

Thin Cement Surfaces (TCS) – 100% authentic, high-performance concrete made in the USA, this revolutionary, peel-and-stick wall covering works on flat or curved surfaces and can transform interior spaces into breathtakingly original and modern environments.

Copper Penny Tiles – Who says pennies aren’t worth anything? These daring and artistic indoor floor coatings creatively rescue pennies from their traditional role of currency. Meticulously spaced and adhered to a backing that encases them permanently, the pennies represent a provocative trend that’s impacting interior design.