Discover Anaya: a unique 3D concrete tile to custom your home walls

As modern life gets busier with more pressures and stresses, we look to our homes to be our sanctuaries. This is why architects, designers and homeowners alike look for innovative products to help them create beautiful, unique and impressive surroundings.

Our 3D sculptural wall tiles can help you to achieve that, so that our clients can develop an active role in the final decoration of their walls.

Anaya is an aesthetic revolution. It’s truncated pyramid shape makes it the perfect decorative element to give life to any interior or exterior wall.

These concrete 3D tiles may be placed in a variety of different ways on the wall, giving a unique pattern and shadow effect to every installation. Thanks to the textures and angles of this beautiful sculptural wall panel, stunning shadowing is achieved caused by the light play projected onto the wall.

Having multiple dimensions as well as unique shadow patterns are elements that will bring your wall to life.

Anaya 3D Concrete Tile
Anaya 3D installation patterns