Discover Nature: a sculptural wall tile that exudes freshness and power

Textural Designs is welcoming 2016 with one of the most surprising and unique tile ever made.

Nowadays nature has become a constant source of inspiration for designers and architects all over the world. It is no longer a novelty to find decorative elements inside a house like furniture pieces, carpets and lamps, all them inspired by nature.

In Textural Designs we looked for applying this concept to our tiles and after months of R&D we’ve designed and created NATURE.

This new 3D sculptural wall tile simulates organic forms and endows a space with tranquility. It’s half way between modernism and elegance.

Available in concrete and gypsum, NATURE 3D panels are fully adaptable and congruent with various design concepts. They can be applied to interior or exterior surfaces covering walls partially or in their entirety.

The construction of textures modeled after tree branches and the presence of multiple angles in the 3D tile create a sense of depth in a wall. This is supplemented by the feeling of animation in the reflected shadows of the exposed light. The combination adds dynamism to spice up the wall.

If you would like to have a closer look to this pattern and experience his beauty in person, now you can visit Surface USA showroom located in 1301 S. State College Anaheim, CA.

Nature in High Performance Concrete created and designed by Textural Designs
NATURE pattern in High Performance Concrete