Wall Tiles, Paints in Metallics…Oh My!

Metallics command attention. There’s something about metallics that’s alluring and luxurious. All the major paint brands from Behr to Martha Stewart have their own selection of metallic paints in elegant hues and tones.

Based on data accumulated by trending and tastemaker pins, Pinterest, the San Francisco company predicted metallics as an interior ideas you’re going to want try now — there’s over 1000+ ideas on how to incorporate metallic features to add excitement and pizazz to walls. Even REFINERY 29, an independent fashion and lifestyle website, touts metallic wallpaper in their top 10 home trend in 2016.   

We have taken to this trend like a fish takes to water. We offer all of our 3D textural wall tiles in 20 metallic colors. Unlike other 3D textural wall coverings, ours is factory painted to ensure even color coverage and consistency.

2 Metalic Finishes

The metallic colored 3D tiles are also water resistant making them ideal for wet areas such as showers and fountain features. These 20 rich metallic colors adds even more visual sensation when installed. Natural lighting or any lighting for that matter plays off the reflective nature of these metallic 3D tiles making the accent wall come alive almost – dancing and shimmy. They can add a playful element to your interiors.  

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