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Can Gypsum tiles be used for exterior applications?

No. Our Gypsum tiles are only recommended for interior applications.

Can they be used in wet areas?

No. We do not recommend the use of our product for areas like showers or fountains.

But can I use it for backsplash and moist areas?

Yes. But after installation you must primer paint or use a good quality acrylic sealer, mate finish.

Are the tiles fireproof?

Yes. You can place them around fireplaces or hot areas.

Do I have to seam the tiles?

No. Tiles can be left unseamed butt-joint

Do I have to paint or seal the tiles?

No. But we recommend a good quality coat of acrylic sealer. If left unsealed, dirt and dust will be difficult to clean.

What kind of paint do I use?

A good quality primer and water based paint is recommended. On the other hand, we also recommend light colors. For more information regarding our color options please send us an email at

Can I repair damage after installation?

Yes, you can repair damage by using a joint compound. The same material you use for seaming.