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How do the penny tiles connect in the edging? 

The penny tiles will nest together in order to form a virtually invisible joint line.

How can I adhere the penny tiles?

The process is simple. They may be attached to a vertical wall or a floor by using a 100% type II clear silicon.  

Can the tiles be used in wet areas?

Yes. The backing material is water resistant, as well as the penny’s.  

Can the tiles be used in hot areas?

No. In hot places such as fireplaces and behind stoves, the penny's will get hot, expand and  dislarge from the backing material.

Are the penny tiles legal to use in public or private places?

Yes, the only thing you can’t do with money is copy them.

Are the tiles flexible or rigid?

The tiles are rigid but will they will conform to the surface they are placed on over time. If heated you may also form them to make slight curves and bends.

Are they easy to cut?

Yes. You can use a regular hand saw or cutting tools.