Style and fantasy. It’s time to refresh the image of an indoor space in an original and creative way. Our wall texture designs allow you to build stunningly dynamic environments from the future. This is a decorative solution embraced by architects and designers who choose this style in particular for its harmonious fit with other decoration elements. This Textural Designs decorative wall panel is based on frequencies in nature such as wave structures which provide inspiration for its surface layout.

General Material Performance. Residential walls Commercial walls
Material Composition
Square Foot Per Tile
Fire Rating
Size Accuracy
Volatile Organic Compound
16" x 16" 0.69'' Gypsum White Paintable 6.46 lbs. / Tile (3.65 lbs. / sq.ft.) 1.77 / Tile Class A Yes +/- 10% 0 Rating
32" x 32" 15/16" Gypsum White Paintable 29 lbs. / Tile (4.08 lbs. / sq.ft.) 7.11 / Tile Class A Yes +/- 10% 0 Rating
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