See the Forest through the trees

We love the outdoors and strive to incorporate the nature look into our homes. There are homes that have large windows/doors that open up to the view while others plant trees or greenery indoors. Some homes will have murals or wallpaper depicting their favorite landscape. No matter how it’s done we are obsessed with the … Continued

3D Wall Tile Trending into The Future

When you want impact and beauty for an accent wall, 3D textural tiles are a great choice to achieve this. Using 3D wall tiles will transform the wall space into a special art feature as well as being decorative. Hotels are known for using this technique to accentuate a focal feature wall in the lobby … Continued

Wall Tiles, Paints in Metallics…Oh My!

Metallics command attention. There’s something about metallics that’s alluring and luxurious. All the major paint brands from Behr to Martha Stewart have their own selection of metallic paints in elegant hues and tones. Based on data accumulated by trending and tastemaker pins, Pinterest, the San Francisco company predicted metallics as an interior ideas you’re going … Continued

For the Love of Concrete

Concrete has transformed itself from being just a common building material to becoming an artistic medium for design options. According to resources states: “Concrete outperforms wood as a construction material, and won’t burden building owners with constant repair and maintenance costs. Versatile, long-lasting and durable, concrete is a cost-effective, sustainable choice for both residential and … Continued

Using Trapezoids To Create Hexagon Harmony

Using textural 3D tiles is a creative way to design a focal point or accent feature. Let’s explore some available design options using ANAYA 3D tile. The basic shape is a concave trapezoid. One attractive pattern using ANAYA is creating an internal hexagon surrounded by an outer hexagon to create your dimensional surface.  To create … Continued

Discover Anaya: a unique 3D concrete tile to custom your home walls

As modern life gets busier with more pressures and stresses, we look to our homes to be our sanctuaries. This is why architects, designers and homeowners alike look for innovative products to help them create beautiful, unique and impressive surroundings. Our 3D sculptural wall tiles can help you to achieve that, so that our clients can develop an … Continued

New 3d Sculptural Wall Tile Collection And Mobile Responsive Website

High-Performance Gypsum 3D Panels and Concrete Tiles, Revolutionary Thin Cement Surfaces and Copper Penny Tiles Highlight the Company’s Core Dimensional Tile Offering for 2016 Textural Designs is an innovative design company specializing in the manufacturing of sculptural 3D wall panels for indoor and outdoor environments. Our new collection spans a range of dimensional surfaces from … Continued